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Will Installing Aftermarket Parts Void My Honda Warranty?

Will Installing Aftermarket Parts Void My Honda Warranty?

A car warranty is a legal contract between the manufacturer and buyer. In this contract, the manufacturer promises to provide applicable repairs if you maintain the car properly as per guidelines. Sometimes, you may mistakenly crumple your warranty by committing unexpected errors. In this regard, aftermarket replacement parts are often considered to be a primary reason to void warranties. But, it is not always so. Here, you must know that adding these components has a long-term effect on the car warranty but it will not void it completely.

What is Covered By the Honda Vehicles Warranty?

Every new Honda vehicle comes with a Honda Limited Warranty offered in different ways. The company offers a 36,000-mile or three-year limited warranty on new models. Additionally, these cars carry a 60,000-mile or five-year limited warranty on the powertrain.

Apart from these, a limited warranty also covers limited accessories for up to 36,000 miles or three years. This warranty applies to all accessories that were installed at the time of buying the car. For Honda Genuine Parts, there is a replacement parts limited warranty cover for one year. In this coverage, the company includes all the replacement spare parts installed by a certified dealer. It covers both the parts purchased from the dealer and labor. The genuine remanufactured parts come with a warranty of 36,000 miles or three years.

Typically, the 36,000-mile or three-year limited warranty also includes roadside assistance for emergency situations. This 24/7 assistance includes lockout, towing, jumpstarting and flat tire assistance.  

What Can Void the Entire Warranty on Your Honda?

Some common errors made by car owners void their warranties completely. These errors include:

  • Salvage Title: If a car gets into a severe accident and is given a salvage title, its entire warranty gets voided.
  • Misusing the car by racing, off-road driving or overloading, if they are not recommended for the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle gets damaged in a natural calamity, the warranty will not be honored by the manufacturer.
  • The warranty also becomes void if the odometer is tampered with, disconnected or changed.

How to Ascertain if Aftermarket Parts Will Void the Warranty?

There are many gray areas in this factor of the Honda warranty coverage. However, you must know that installing aftermarket parts will not void the warranty. It happens only if this modification results in a severe issue or repair of the vehicle. In this case, the onus of proving that aftermarket parts caused a particular issue rests on the dealer.

A dealer can void your warranty specifically if the aftermarket part was improperly installed or it led to a component failure. You’ll be required to pay for repairs done on the vehicle in this scenario. If it turns out that the installed component was defective, the dealer or manufacturer exercises the right to deny coverage on that specific component.

So, simply installing aftermarket parts will not void your Honda warranty completely. You need to read between the lines and trust only a certified Honda dealership for replacement of parts in your car.